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A B O U T 



We are a family of 4 members. John, Lillian  and our two daughters, Christina and Aleksandra.

We have a small family cattery, who breeds beautiful Cornish Rex cats.

Our cats grow up in a save and loving home environment , making them lovely, playful cats. 

They can be used as breeding and show cats, as well as pets.


We got our first CRX, “Rasmine af Hadsund” (Mussi), at a cat-show in 1970.

 We were totally lost in this odd-looking, playful and lively kitten.
We hadn’t had her for long, before we started putting her on shows.

 We also wanted to have kittens of course.

Then we vere offered to buy “Senty Twix Miraculis” (Boy), from Nancy Hardy in England.

 Until 1977, “Mussi” and “Boy”, had 6 litters. Unfortunately.

Sadly enough Boy died this year from a disease.

Mussi gave us lots of joy for another 10 years.




Rasmine af Hadsund

Senty Twix Miraculix


We have chosen to name our kittens fictive names from books and comics as well as movies and TV.








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